Supply your Minibar with Candies and Chocolates: The Perfect Giveaways for Kids During the Holiday Season

December 3rd, 2019

After a long year of working or studying, the holiday season is now approaching at last. This season is certainly the best time for families and friends to unite and to celebrate long years of relationship. Most of the time, there will be gatherings in almost anywhere in town, be it in a house or Read More

Make The Most Out of Your Hotel Minibar Supplies During the Holiday Season

November 20th, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching. And while we wait for this season to knock on our doors, some business owners are still coming up with ideas to make the holidays more special for their businesses. If you are one of the owners of a hotel, then you must know the feeling of anticipating a Read More

Minibar Treats that can be Perfect Giveaways during Holiday Parties

November 4th, 2019

Holidays are fast approaching, and so are the numerous reservations of families or companies for your hotel. Since hotels might be jam-packed with a lot of guests, you must replenish all the treats and goodies in your minibar. Remember, guests love to maximize their time and money in your hotel, so it is just fair Read More

Harvest Box Go Bananas: What makes it a Healthy Treat in Your Minibar?

October 18th, 2019

Today, hotel establishments must offer more than just junk food in their minibars since so many of their guests are quite selective about the items that they consume. In comparison to past years, many more people are eating only healthy foods for the sake of their bodies’ well-being. To fulfil the preferences and needs of Read More

Australian-Made Minibar Biscuit Products: Available at Just in Case Direct

October 4th, 2019

If you strive to offer as many local products as possible in your minibar, you will be delighted to know that here at Just in Case Direct, you can purchase Australian-made minibar biscuit products. In our “Biscuit” section, we showcase selections from Charlie’s, Kez’s Kitchen and TLUXAU companies, which are located in Australia. The Charlie’s Read More

Travel Products or Accessories in a Minibar Should Not Be Taken for Granted

September 26th, 2019

Along with all the edibles and hardware choices that you stock in your minibar, you always should include travel products or accessories, such as batteries and international multi-reverse electrical adapters, in the minibar offerings to ensure that your guests have everything that they require for a pleasant stay conveniently located in their rooms. With all Read More

Complete Your Guests’ Ultimate Hotel Experience with a Variety of Minibar Products for Souvenirs

September 3rd, 2019

As a hotel owner, your job is to ensure that all your guests will have the ultimate experience during their stay at your establishment. Along with providing them with clean, comfortable accommodations and courteous service, you should consider gifting them with an assortment of minibar products as souvenirs to complete their enjoyable stay in a Read More


August 30th, 2019

Dear Valued Customer, RE: PRICE REVIEW ON ALL PRODUCTS TO BE IMPLEMENTED AS OF 1ST October 2019. Just In Case Direct will implement a new price list as of 1st of October 2019. A low Australian dollar, increased supply, production and freight costs has resulted in full list Price Review. As a result, some products Read More

Gluten-Free Minibar Sweet Treats: A Delightful Alternative for Health-Conscious Hotel Guests

August 19th, 2019

When you are planning to purchase a stock for your minibars, you need to think about the fact that some of your hotel guests will be very careful about the sweet snacks that they enjoy due to health concerns. For example, many people can eat foods that contain gluten without any problems while others have Read More

Oral Care and Other Hygiene Products: Add Them to Your Minibar for Your Guests’ Convenience

August 6th, 2019

Along with all the edible products that you stock your minibars with, you also should include oral care and other hygienic products for the convenience of your guests. Today, there are severe restrictions on what airlines and other modes of transportation will allow travellers to bring with them as far as liquid grooming supplies. They Read More

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